Spectrum White Oxide Pen 1851N

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Spectrum White Oxide Pen 1851N Cone 04 - 1060degC

Spectrum oxide pens in the same easy to use applicator bottle as the RAC’s and SuperWriters. These oxide pens contain various oxides, such as copper oxide, cobalt oxide, etc, suspended in water with small quantities of additives such as frit which improves their performance. The perfect solution for studios, schools, and community centers that want to play with oxide decoration but have a “no dusts or powders” rule. The liquid oxides can be used in the writer / applicator, or can be brushed on.

Sample colour chips fired to Cone 04 - 1060degC

Spectrum oxide pens give particularly interesting results when used on pieces that are raku fired, but they can also be used in a regular kiln. They've been tested to cone 6 with good results. Although not tested, it is expected that they will work up to cone 10.

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