Firing Service

We have three kilns in operation:

Kiln 1: Nabertherm 130L: 59cm (W) x 46cm (H)   

Kiln 2: Rohde 43L: 40cm (W) x 34cm (H)   

Kiln 3: Nabertherm 16L: 29cm (W) x 23cm (H)


Price Guideline (without VAT)

Kiln 1:   Full - £50   Half - £25

Kiln 2:   Full - £30    Half - £15

    Kiln 3:    Full - £25   Half - £12.50 

We require a £10 + VAT deposit when you drop your work off, this is deducted from the final charge.

We load and fire the kiln for you, there are just a few simple requests before bringing your work in.

These will help keep costs down, and speed up the firing service:

  • We ask that all bases of glazed pieces are wiped to avoid damage to the work or kiln shelves. (Any shelves which are damaged by glaze during the firing will be charged for.)

  • Work to be dropped off ready to be fired, unfortunately we don’t have space to store wet pieces while they dry.

  • We offer a casual firing service, please advise us of any deadlines, so we can manage expectations.

Required Information

  • Name and contact details.

  • Clay/glaze used with firing instructions.

  • Other details: for example – do the glazes tend to run?