Umber Spectrum 800 Semi Transparent Glaze 825

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Umber Spectrum 800 Semi Transparent Glaze 825

800-828 These glazes are lead-free, dinnerware safe, A/P non-toxic with the exception of 818, 822 & 823. They can be used to produce a multi-tone appearance since the color gets darker where they are thicker, such as in places where they flow into the details on pieces. Generally, it is best to apply them thinly (i.e. 2 coats by brushing). The exception in this group is 800 Clear, which is a clear glaze with a slightly higher coefficient of expansion than 700. It is more suitable for slip cast ware that is generally higher in talc content and therefore higher in expansion than pug clay ware (i.e. hand-built, wheel-thrown or RAM pressed ware). We have deleted the following colors from this series: 801, 803, 804, 807, 810, 811 & 815. We have added colors 819 to 828.


COMES IN 454ml / 16fl.oz POTS

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