Green Crystal TerraColor Stoneware Glaze FS6019

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Green Crystal TerraColor Stoneware Glaze FS6019

Terracolor Brush-On Stoneware glazes are available in 500ml jars.ᅠ They work best on white or buff clay bodies.ᅠ For best results apply three coats.
Firing temperature:ᅠ1200 - 1250ᄚC

Glaze finish:ᅠ Shiny


Green Crystal FS6019 Advice:

It is not necessary to have a special crystalline glaze cooling schedule for this glaze. Terracolor glazes are developed for standard firing in an electric kiln. So after soaking at top temperature, just allow the kiln to cool naturally as with other stoneware glaze firings. That said, it is possible to enhance the single crystal growth with a special crystalline cooling ramp. But the glaze sample pictured was fired normally.

As with any glaze, please note that the top temperature and the glaze thickness have an effect on crystal growth, which makes every single piece unique. It is always best to do a test before applying to an important piece of work.

For their glaze sample swatches, Terracolor generally fire as follows: 240ᄚC/h up to 600ᄚC and than with max. power up to end temperature - soaking 30 minutes. Glaze is usually applied to clay that has been bisque firedᅠat 950ᄚC if it is white stoneware clay.

For this glaze (FS6019) they would recommend a temperature around 1230-1250ᄚC (please be aware that it can run off the piece, therefore do not glaze too thickly near the base).

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