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Ceramic Fibre Paper

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  • 1260degC
  • 100cm x 61cm 
  • Non Bio Soluble

Kiln paper is used to keep glass, metal clay and pottery from sticking to a kiln shelf during firing. It is an easier solution to treating kiln shelves than the alternative, which is a kiln wash.
Kiln wash must be applied in several layers, and must be removed and reapplied when it bubbles or chips. However, kiln paper can be a much more expensive solution and does curl when it is heated.
It’s important to use caution when storing kiln paper.

Ceramic-infused shelf paper has microscopic, fibrous particles in it that can cause lung damage such as silicosis over time.To limit the exposure to any fibers, handle the paper as little as possible, and store in its original wrapping. Use safety procedures when handling.
When removing, cutting or replacing shelf paper in storage, use thin gloves and an OSHA approved respirator mask.
Unused shelf paper is less of a risk than heated paper with the binder removed, but extra caution is advisable, especially for those who use the paper often. Store paper away from the kiln.
Choose a storage area for the shelf paper that is away from heat, since the binder on the paper is flammable and releases noxious fumes when burned. Also, minimal numbers of fibers are released before the paper is burned, so using caution even before it is fired is a good idea.

Clean up after firing.
Part of storing kiln shelf paper properly is disposing of it properly after it is used.
Thin fire paper chars and turns to dust after one use.
This dust should be carefully swept out of the kiln and disposed of in a closed plastic bag or carefully vacuumed out with a HEPA-filtered vacuum.
Fiber shelf paper that will be reused should be left in place and disturbed as little as possible to avoid releasing fibers into the air.
If it is necessary to carefully remove it, such as with a microwave kiln, place it carefuly in a sealable plastic bag, wearing gloves and a respirator while handling the paper.spirator while handling the paper.

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