Topaz 1020ᄚ to 1280ᄚC Botz Pro Glaze 9311

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Topaz 1020ᄚ to 1280ᄚC Botz Pro Glaze 9311

BOTZ PRO – A new glaze series offering diverse design options for all ceramic creatives and professionals. Our first entries in BOTZ PRO feature eight clear contemporary colours for the low- and high-fire range alike from 1020–1280ᄚC. Experimenting desi- red! All colours work with from earthenware up to stoneware range: Firing at 1050ᄚC the colours get stronger and almost opaque, while firing at 1250ᄚC the colour shade turns out less strong though in an exceptional glassy, semi-transparent surface quality. Perfect also in combination with BOTZ Unidekor. Available in pots of 200ml and 800ml.

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Brand Botz

Striking, semi-transparent glaze with a great glassy surface

strong shining and pastel colours

Very easy to use in a broad firing range from 1020ᄚ to 1280ᄚC (cone 05-04 to cone 8-9)

at 1050ᄚC: very colourful and almost opaque / apply 2-3 times

at 1150ᄚC: bright colourfulness with a rather semi-transparent surface / apply two layers

at 1250ᄚC: glassy, semi-transparent surface with intensive Pastel shades, awesome also on porcelain mass / apply two layers tends to run when applied thickly from 1150ᄚC on

perfect for tableware

works greatly also in combination with BOTZ Unidekor



tends to run

consistent in firing range 1020ᄚ-1280ᄚC


recommended for tableware



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