Underglaze Pens

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Black Underglaze Pen
Black Underglaze Pen
An Artist can draw on bisqueware and cover with a clear glaze using our underglaze Potter's Pens, which come in 18 different colors to choose from. There is also a wax resist pen. Temperature RangeFires Between Cone 06-9, 999--1260° C Best UseApplied to bisqueware with a clear glaze covering.ColorBlackQualitiesOpaque and MatteGlazesClear or Transparent GlazeOther InformationApply a...
£18.00 inc VAT
Black Underglaze Pen With NibsBlack Underglaze Pen With Nibs
Black Underglaze Pen With Nibs
A fantastic range of underglaze pens from the USA. The Axner range of underglaze pens come in a beautiful presentation case. These Underglaze Pens have been developed for cone 05 and 06 firings, however most of the colors do quite well at much higher temperatures. The Axner underglaze pens are beautifully simple devices and are inherently easy to use. They come with 4 different sized metal tips - bold,...
£12.50 inc VAT