Scarva Earthstone Extra Smooth Casting Slip ES10

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Earthstone Extra Smooth Casting Slip ES10

Earthstone Extra Smooth Casting Slip ES10

A highly versatile fine white body with a broad range of applications, Earthstone Extra smooth matures between 1160∞C - 1280∞C. This unusually wide range means that it can be high biscuit fired to 1160∞C for low temperature earthenware glazes or biscuit fired at 1000∞C for mid temperatures earthenware/stoneware glazes. This body fires very white to give an excellent base for colour decoration. Many professional potters have already discovered that ES 10 gives tremendous results and unbeatable value. ES 10 will throw & cast extremely well and takes sprigged or stamped decoration beautifully. Like all the clays in the Earthstone range it is invaluable in situations where you need a body to perform well with a variety of making techniques & temperatures, or simply because you want a top quality clay you can rely on for high production standards.

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