Salamander Stoneware Glaze

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Salamande Stoneware Glaze Ref. BOTZ/9892

Satin-glossy, black-based glaze with fine, mustard-yellow precipitations arranged in rings apply 2 – 3 coats (3 coats, when firing at 1250∞C, 2 coats at 1280∞C!) Firing range: 1220 – 1280∞C, 30 min soak, most beautiful from 1250∞C on 1250∞C: salamander effect if 3 coats a applied, see picture in catalogue 1280∞C: silk-matt black with very nice orange-brownish precipitations, apply 2 coats only, running effects when applied locally as a thicker coat, see picture in catalogue.



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Brand Botz

1st Picture

Mix BOTZ Steinzeug 9892 with 10% SPS 9800, apply, surface dry, then mix the next glaze with 5% SPS 9800 and apply.

This will provide you with an effect glaze with a glossy surface and a very attractive structure.

2nd Picture

Vase To The Left 9892 + 9873 + BOTZ 9020

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