Metal 3 Pointed Stilt 75mm Ref.MPS/75

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Metal 3 Pointed Stilt 75mm Ref.MPS/75

Metal 3 Pointed Stilt† 75mm

Stilts are used to allow glazed ware to be protected all over, rather than dry footing items. Stilting ceramic pieces help keep moisture out of the ware and help against crazing. Ceramic stilts are also a good aid against protecting the kilns shelves from glaze. Please note, to help prolong the life of your kiln furniture/stilts it is advisable to apply some batt wash periodically.

As a general rule we wouldn't recommend using stilts to fire stoneware items. Due to the higher temperatures involved, there is a greater chance of the pieces fusing or slumping onto the stilts. Please use to stoneware at your own risk


Metal Pointed Stilts perform the same function as disposable stilts but they have sharper metal points which leave smaller marks in the fired glaze. Metal Pointed Stilts can be used many times over.

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