Mayco White Cascade Glaze PC-602

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Mayco White Cascade Glaze PC-602

Pottery Cascades Free flowing Pottery Cascades are gloss glazes that display significant movement, acting as a flux. Used alone, they simulate a brilliant shower of light colour. Create dynamic effects by using in combination with other glazes such as Elements, Elements Chunkies, Jungle Gems and Crystalites. Whether placed on top or beneath another glaze, Pottery Cascades intermingle and interact with other glazes to spawn unique colours, textures and patterns. * Non-toxic * Not recommended fro dinnerware due to surface characteristics * Fires to cone 06 - 04 (999 - 1060C) * 4oz jar *** TIP *** Elements, Element Chunkies & Pottery Cascades at Cone 6 (1230C) Thses glazes can produce some excellent effects when used with Mayco's Stoneware glaze. These glazes will cause movement and flow to the S/W glazes, so please test first. Keep Elements, Element Chunkies and Pottery Cascades away from the bottom of your ware in case of running.

Many Mayco glazes can be used at higher temperatures successfully.

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