Mayco Snowfall Speciality Glaze 4oz

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Mayco Snowfall Speciality Glaze 4oz

Snowfall is designed to use for snow-like accents and will produce a fluffy, snow-like appearance. Snowfall can be used for designs and dimensional scenes. Snowfall maintains its position when used over products such as Stroke & CoatsÆ and Series 2000™ glaze line. Snowfall can be used alone or for all over coverage as a background. Clear Brushing or Clear Dipping Glazes can be applied, if desired.

More Information
Brand Mayco

Product Features, Attributes and Application Recommendations:

Mix well. Apply 2 or more coats over unfired glazes, shelf cone 04 bisque (1060 C), greenware or clay.

Can be applied with a brush or sponge.

For dimensional effects, apply using a Writer Tip.

Fire to shelf cone 06 (999 C).


Special Notes:


Food safe

May not be suitable for dinnerware due to surface characteristics

Apply with a soft brush or with a sponge

Color SG-302 Snowfall by applying 1 coat of your favorite Stroke & Coat over the Snowfall

Clear Brushing or Clear Dipping Glazes can be applied, if desired

Can be used with AC-222 Medium Writer Tip or AC-223 Large Writer Tip

A turquoise effect may result when applied over the following green glazes: S-2156 Evergreen Fir, S-2157 Holiday Green, S-2158 Green Sapphire, AG-226 Olive green, AG-400 Luster Green. Some other greens or copper based glazes may require testing

Luster compatible

Non-fired acrylic stains may be used over SG-302 Snowfall after firing for a different look

Cone 6 Results: Can be fired to cone 6 with No Change to the glaze finish

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