Mayco China Sea Crackle Glaze 4oz

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Mayco China Sea Crackle Glaze 4oz

Classic Crackles is a series of non-toxic crackle glazes in a subtle color palette appropriate for today’s home dÈcor. These glazes mimic the crackle look achieved during Raku firing, but without the hassle. Stylish and sophisticated, Classic Crackles are ideal on items such as vases, candleholders and great for schools, nursing homes and institutional use.

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How do I apply Classic Crackles™?

Apply three coats to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque using any Mayco soft fan or glaze brush. Properly fire to shelf cone 06. To accentuate the crackle pattern, antique the finished fired piece with a non-fired acrylic stain or mineral spirit stain. Simply apply a coat of the desired color to the fired piece and wipe off with a soft cloth. The color will fill the cracks, making the crackle pattern stand out.

Will the piece crackle as soon as I remove it from the kiln?

Sometimes the crackle pattern does not develop immediately when the kiln is cool enough to open. Other pieces may need to sit out of the kiln for a period of time before the crackle pattern develops. It is best to remove the piece from the kiln with a coffee filter or clean rag placed over your hand. The oils in your hand can fill the cracks and prevent the antiquing color from filling in the cracks.

My Classic Crackles™ piece cracked in half during firing. What happened?

Crackle glazes place stress on the ware during firing. To prevent container from splitting or cracking apart, be sure to use a non-toxic gloss glaze on the inside. Allow ample room between pieces in the kiln for air circulation.

Are Classic Crackles™ food-safe?

Although Classic Crackles are non-toxic and thus food safe when fired properly according to FDA standards, they may not be practical for food containers due to surface characteristics.

Can I create a pattern under the crackle?

You can use Stroke & Coat or One Strokes to create beautiful designs under Classic Crackles. Create your design with Stroke & Coat on properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Use only 1-2 coats of Stroke & Coat or the crackle will not develop properly. Allow the Stroke & Coat to dry and apply three coats of Classic Crackles. Allow to dry and properly fire to shelf cone 06. When using One Strokes, apply your design on greenware and properly fire to shelf cone 04. Apply three coats of Classic Crackles, allow to dry and properly fire to shelf cone 06.

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