Clay Reference Guide

With so many different clay bodies currently on the market, whether you are a beginner or professional Potter choosing the right clay can be a difficult decision. We have put together a helpful guide so you can pick the right clay for your project. 

What are the criteria of choosing a clay body?

1. Firing range of your kiln

The firing range of your kiln should be the first consideration for any potter, as this will determine which type of clays you will be able to use. If your kiln is only capable of reaching lower temperatures you should stick with earthernware clay, where as higher temperature kilns can accommodate porcelains and stonewares. 

2. Colour 

From Terracottas to Porcelains and now black clays there is even more choice for the studio potter, so this is a matter of personal preference.The colour of the clay will also affect the final colour of any glaze or decoration you use over the top.

3. Texture 

The feel and look of the ceramic piece you are creating is affected by the amount of grog within the clay body. No grog will result in a smooth polished finish, a fine grogg will give some strength and stability, or by increasing the grogg size and percentage within the clay you will be able to achieve a coarser finish and high strength aswell as increading the warp resistance of the clay. Consider a grogged clay if you are building a larger piece.

We sell all our clays in 1kg sample packs, the perfect size to experiment with or to try something new.

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