Clay FAQ

What is the best way to store my clay?

Hotter temperatures will encourage the clay to dry out faster even with the thick plastic bag, and freezing temperatures create a really strange texture in the clay requiring you to wedge or knead it really well before using it. The plastic bags do work really well especially if they are well sealed

What is the difference between Earthenware & Stoneware?

Earthenware is fired at lower temperatures usually not more than 1180°C. At this temperature the clay remains porous and the glaze will be a separate layer adhering to the surface.

Stoneware is fired to higher temperatures, maturing the clay and glaze at the same time. The glaze interacts with the clay forming an integral glaze/clay layer. Stoneware biscuit firings are usually around 1000°c and glaze firings 1230°C to 1300°C. 

Can I throw with airdry Clay?

The Creative Clay can be used in exactly the same way as any other clay, but of courseyou will be able to detect the nylon fibres during throwing.

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