Botz Deep Green Engobe Decorating Slip 9051

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Botz Deep Green Engobe Decorating Slip Ref. BOTZ/9051

BOTZ Engobes for the 900∞–1080∞C firing range • easy-to-use work with liquid engobes • can be applied to any clay drying condition • affordable 200ml jars for easy handling • clear painting and brilliant colours Stir the engobes thoroughly before processing. Then apply the coat with a brush (e.g. BOTZ 9005) to leather-hard or biscuit-fired clay. To obtain an earthy matt surface, the engobe can be left unglazed after biscuit firing. Or glaze over with Transparent (e.g. BOTZ 9106) and fire at 1050∞C. Brush-on engobes are ideal for traditional engobe painting with the slip trailer. The patterns created with the rubber ball form a high relief on the clay. Combine the differents product. They match each other very well. For example, engobes, glimmer and decorative colours. Safety data sheets are available on demand:


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Brand Botz

Engobes can be defined as liquid clay slips of varying compositions which are applied to the surface of a clay object, e.g. a pot. The purpose of the engobe can be as different as the varied forms it comes in: to give color to a piece; to improve the surface texture; to provide a ground to do further decoration on; to add textures.

Engobes can be applied to wet clay surfaces, leather-hard ware, greenware and even bisqued wares. In each case the engobe's shrinkage rate should match that of the clay underneath, otherwise cracking (when the engobe shrinks more than the clay underneath) or shivering (when the clay underneath shrinks more than the engobe on top) can occur.

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