Botz Brilliant Effect Glaze Ref. BOTZ/9020

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Botz Brilliant Effect Glaze Ref. BOTZ/9020

BOTZ PLUS 9020 - the liquid effect intensifier for the firing range from 1050∞–1280∞C

BOTZ PLUS increases the effects particularly nicely on BOTZ stoneware glazes and distinctly increases the brilliance of the ceramics. Use BOTZ PLUS to re-combine the substances of the glaze contents combine during firing - dependent on the layer thickness - and change the colours, structures and the brilliance. With BOTZ PLUS, you can even reduce the firing range of the stoneware glazes to 1150∞C.

Application is extremely simple: before firing, use the brush to apply BOTZ PLUS to the glaze in 1–3 layers as the last layer and let it dry. Blending in different layer thicknesses provides particularly attractive results. Caution: for vessels, only apply a thin layer to the bottom area. BOTZ PLUS can be applied evenly or unevenly and also stirred into the glaze. Likewise, you can use BOTZ PLUS straight or combined and mixed with other BOTZ products. Simply experiment, you’ll love the results!

For all BOTZ products, the following applies: they are all non-toxic, i.e. they are lead free and do not contain any concentration level of hazardous substances whose indication is required in compliance with the Regulations on Hazardous Substances. When fired by itself 9020 PLUS will create a wonderful crackle glaze with a silky surface, fire to 1050∞C.

Available in 200 and 800 ml jars


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Brand Botz

9892 + 9873 + PLUS 9020

9892 + 9881 + PLUS 9020

BOTZ PLUS 9020 applied undiluted

9892 + 9873 + PLUS 9020

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