Rohde Front Loader KE750S

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Rohde Front Loader KE750S

The ROHDE KE-S front loader series comprises of nine models with kiln sizes from 100 to 1000 litres in classic construction with heating elements on rods on five sides in three variations : KE - S up to 1320 deg.C, KE-S+ up to 1350 deg.C and KE-SH up to 1400 deg.C

This design combines maximal robustness and service life with highest operating effeciency. The insulationconsists of three layers. We only use high quality, reduction resistant insulation bricks in the firing chamber. For the back insulation we count on state-of-the-art insulating materials, which makes this kiln particulary energy efficient.

The KE-S front loader series has been designed for the tough and long-lasting use in professional workshops, although it is also suitable for the daily use in a training environment. Of course we have also incorporated the unique features of all ROHDE front loaders into this kiln series: The entire steel construction, for example, is equipped with in-frame ventilation stainless-steel sheets. This prevents corrosion and at the same time reduces surface temperatures.

We also apply our System 'ROHDE' ceiling construction - tried and tested for more than 15 years - in the KE-S series. The combination of ceiling supports made from high-quality industrial ceramics and precision-fitted insulation briks prevents particles from falling from the ceiling onto the goods. A design which has proven to be trend-setting in kiln construction.

Special Features:

• Corrosion protection and low surface temperatures due to in-frame ventilation

• In-frame ventilation with stainless steel sheets on both side walls and door

• Ceiling sheet: punched metal sheet prevents accumulation of heat and moisture

• Five-sided heating for even distribution of heat

• Kanthal A1 heating elements, recessed safely into firebricks

• Floor heating elements covered and protected by SIC bats

• “ROHDE” DGM R-Sic ceiling construction system (protected by patent)

• Thermocouple installed in a protected position

• Stainless steel door frame

• Door opens easily to 180∞, elastic door sealing

• Exhaust air socket ¯ 80 mm for connection of exhaust tube in central position

• Exhaust air flap on back, operated from front*

• Large, practical door handle

• Adjustable door catch, lockable

• Air supply control handle for cooling air, operated from front

• Legs (easy mounting and dismounting)**

• Safety and control contactors according to VDE standards

• Automatic kiln control

• Silent, low-wear Solid State Relay

• Tiltable support for controller

• Quality control (seal of approval)

• CE certified by trade association

• Maintenance-free, 36 months guarantee (except wear parts)

TC304 Programmble Controller Fitted As Standard:

Clearly structured control unit and easy to operate, for use in workshops, schools and hobby rooms.

  • 5 firing programs, freely adjustable
  • Delayed start programmable
  • 1 dwell/soak time freely programmable

Other controllers with more features available for a minor surcharge.

Optional Kiln furniture set 22 consisting of the following:

  • 5 x 480mm x 330mm kiln shelves (4 per layer)
  • 24 x 25mm props
  • 24 x 50mm props
  • 24 x 75mm props
  • 24 x 100mm props

3-4 week delivery time if not in stock

More Information
Brand Rohde
Tmax 1320C
Int. W (mm) 710
Int. D (mm) 1020
Int. H (mm) 1030
Ext. W (mm) 1050
Ext. D (mm) 1500
Ext. H(mm) 1170
Output (kW) 50
Phase/Amp 3-Phase
Model Tmax Int. W (mm) Int. D (mm) Int. H (mm) Ext. W (mm) Ext. D (mm) Ext. H (mm) Output (kW) Supply (Amp) Weight (kg)
KE750S 1320C 710 1020 1030 1050 1500 1770 50,0 3 Ph Only 780

Furniture set extra ᆪ785.68 please order separately.

Price includes delivery from Germany.

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