Rohde Front Loader KE330N

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Rohde Front Loader KE330N

Rohde Frontloaders form the KE-N series comprise of six models with kiln volumes between 100 and 480 litres.† The heating elements are recessed into grooved firebricks on all five wall sides.

The KE-N series has been designed for use in workshops and schools.† The heating elements in this series have been recessed into grooved bricks.† This results in a variety of advantages.† The heating elements are protected while the kiln is being charged, power output is constant and heat is evenly distributed throughout the firing chamber, providing the best possible results.

Special Features of the KE-N Series:

  • 5-side heating resulting in even heat distribution
  • Heating elements recessed into grooved brick
  • Stainless steel in-frame ventilation resulting in low external temperatures and corrosion protection
  • 3-layer insulation structure
  • R-SiC ceiling support “ System ROHDE” prevents cracks and particles falling from the ceiling onto the ware
  • Adjustable door hinge, easy dismounting of door for transport

TC304 Programmble Controller Fitted As Standard:

Clearly structured control unit and easy to operate, for use in workshops, schools and hobby rooms.

  • 5 firing programs, freely adjustable
  • Delayed start programmable
  • 1 dwell/soak time freely programmable

Other controllers with more features available for a surcharge.

Optional Kiln furniture set 10 consisting of the following:

  • 4 x 550mm x 340mm kiln shelves (2 shelves per layer)
  • 18 x 25mm props
  • 18 x 50mm props
  • 18 x 75mm props
  • 18 x 100mm props

3-4 week delivery time if not in stock

More Information
Brand Rohde
Tmax 1300C
Int. W (mm) 590
Int. D (mm) 720
Int. H (mm) 790
Ext. W (mm) 920
Ext. D (mm) 1190
Ext. H(mm) 1740
Output (kW) 16.5
Phase/Amp 3-Phase
Model Tmax Int. W (mm) Int. D (mm) Int. H (mm) Ext. W (mm) Ext. D (mm) Ext. H (mm) Output (kW) Supply (Amp) Weight (kg)
KE330N 1300C 590 720 790 920 1190 1740 16,5 3 Phase 550
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