Liquid Brush Wax Emulsion

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Brush Waxe Emulsion

Used on bisc ware to resist glaze, burns away during firing

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To remove unwanted wax from a piece, refire it or microwave it on high for 5 minutes.

This resist is brushed or dripped on and it keeps glaze or slip off that area and burns off in the firing.

It is best suited to bisque and detail work.

They should be allowed to dry thoroughly to minimize the glaze that sticks and has to be wiped off.

This type of wax is usually used for foot rings.

Mix wax resist with oxides and chill them into cubes. When they are firm, grate them with a kitchen grater. Add the shavings to your glaze. You can add several different colored shavings and they will stay separated from each other. The wax pieces will float at first, but after they set a few days, they can be mixed into the glaze. Then apply your glaze, fire and wait for some surprise results!

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