Large Carborundum Abrasive Stone

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Large Carborundum Abrasive Stone

Large Carborundum Abrasive Stone

Slicon Carbide 150 X 50 X 25mm

Count on Carborundum Stones for better abrasive, grinding, shaping, smoothing, deburring, edging, filing, sharpening and finishing needs.

10 x 10 x 100mm

Carborundum is one of the most appreciated stone abrasives in industry. We offer a comprehensive range featuring various shapes for both performance and value / price. A Carborundum Stone is made from silicone dioxide minerals that are mined and separated into soft, medium or hard grade stones with fine, medium and coarse surfaces.

  • These stones excellent cutting capability enables the easy removal of excess enamel
  • Complete the shaping on engraving tools to achieve the best quality finish on tools
  • Removes sharp edges created during scoring and breaking. Ensure the stone is kept wet when in use to eliminate glass particles from the air
  • Grind and smooth excess down excess solder after completing joins
  • The Carborundum Stone is perfect for removing plating on checking for filling when gold buying
  • Use with 3 in 1 Honing oil (code 8690) oil for the best results.
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