Black Graffito Carbon Transfer Paper

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Black Graffito Carbon Transfer Paper

Six sheets of black graffito paper measuring 23cm by 24cm.

Graffito sheets are embedded with a ceramic underglaze that will transfer to a bisque item when pressure is applied by using a pen or pencil.ᅠ Use in the same way as you would a piece of carbon paper.

Place the graffito sheet on the bisque piece, place a drawing or design on top and draw over the design.ᅠ The pressure will apply the underglaze to the bisque surface.ᅠ Peel back the graffito paper and either decorate the rest of the design with your normal paints or fire to remove the wax from the graffito undeglaze and then decorate and glaze as normal.

Fires Between Cone 06-8.ᅠ Fire to cone 013 before glazing if you want to burn out the wax before glazing.

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