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Agate Tip Burnishing ToolAgate Tip Burnishing Tool
Agate Tip Burnishing Tool
Knife Tipped Agate Stone Burnisher
£14.00 inc VAT
£11.67 ex VAT
Double Sided Edge RounderDouble Sided Edge Rounder
Double Sided Edge Rounder
Slide this tool along side the edge of your wet or leather hard clay slab to make a beautiful smooth round edge. Size: Dia 10mm & 15mm
£13.00 inc VAT
£10.83 ex VAT

Finishing Sponges Pack Of 5
Finishing Sponges Pack Of 5
High density small finishing sponges. Great for smoothing and finishing rims.
£1.00 inc VAT
£0.83 ex VAT
Mudtool Drag Tool MUDT-DRA-2Mudtool Drag Tool MUDT-DRA-2
Mudtool Drag Tool MUDT-DRA-2
Tight U Shaped Mouth When Michael visited potters in Japan he observed that it was common for them to pull, rather than push, their carving tools through the clay. The dragging motion allowed for less friction and a fluid cut. For years Michael has made a variety of Japanese-style carving tools for his own use and he’s spent A LOT of time carving on clay. Made of high carbon steel and tempered...
£16.69 inc VAT
£13.91 ex VAT

Triangular Sieving Sticks
Triangular Sieving Sticks
When sieving slips or glazes, use triangular shaped slats; the liquid runs down into the bucket or bowl and not along the surface on to the floor or table as it tends to do when flat sticks are used.
£3.29 inc VAT
£2.74 ex VAT