Magic Grey Glimmer 9156

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Magic Grey Glimmer Ref. BOTZ/9156

BOTZ Glimmer Glaze, the new generation of brush on glazes with a firing range of 900∞C – 1100∞C

• To Seal a vessel
• As a interesting engobe
• To create brilliant ornamental effects
• Easy to use.

Stir the glimmer glaze thoroughly and apply the first coat on the bisque ware with a brush. Ideally, biscuit fire at more than 1000∞C in order to avoid bubbles in the glaze.

When the glaze is dry, apply another coat and if necessary a third (depending on how thick the individual coats are). After the glaze has dried completely, the special glimmer effect is reached by wiping the surface with a slightly damp cloth. This brings out the glimmer effect. Ideally you move the cloth in circles exerting slight pressure. You can fire at 900∞C – 1060∞C.†

The glimmer effect is especially beautiful at 900∞C the colours of most glaze however are at their most intense at 1040∞C. You can create beautiful vibrant shiny colours by glazing over with transparent BOTZ 9016.†

Glimmer glazes can be mixed. Achieve beautiful pastel tones by using BOTZ 9131 White Glimmer.

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