Glossy Gold Earthenware Glaze 9541

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Glossy Gold Earthenware Glaze 9541

Glossy metallic gold-coloured glazing. Tends to form cracks. Tends to run. Do not set too closely in the furnace.


Ready mixed in brush-on form. Distincive and colourful effects which vary with thickness and the surface to which they are applied. These glazes meet all COSHH and CHIP safety regulations. Leadless but also zinc cadmium and antimony free and so are especially safe for use in schools.

Results will vary depending on thickness of glaze, clay applied, shape of vessel and final firing temperature.

Allow to dry for one day before firing.

The ideal firing temperature is around 1040∞C with a 5 minute soak. 2-3 coats leave plenty of space between pots, vent kiln.

Glaze finish: Satin-Glossy


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Brand Botz
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